Wellness & Vaccines

We are excited to meet you and your pet and create a wellness plan to make sure they lead happy and healthy lives.  Our goal is to prevent or catch illnesses at an early stage. This can help your beloved pet live longer and decrease overall treatment costs.

At your appointment, the veterinarian will examine your pet to look for signs of illness and discuss any health concerns you may be having.


Routine vaccines we provide include:

Puppies / Dogs

Kittens / Cats

Rabies Rabies
Canine Distemper / Parvovirus Feline Distemper (Panleukopenia)
Bordetella (kennel cough) Feline Leukemia Virus
Lyme disease  


We also perform routine health screenings including:

  • Fecal screens for intestinal parasites
  • Heartworm and tick-borne disease testing (Lyme disease, Anaplasma, and Ehrlichia)
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) / Feline Leukemia Virus testing
  • Routine and geriatric health screens that check for common health problems including anemia, signs of infection, liver, and kidney function

Additional services we provide:

  • Microchipping - One of the best ways to make sure your pet is returned to you if they get lost
  • Deworming - It is important (especially for puppies and kittens) to be regularly dewormed to prevent illness and transmission of parasites to human family members
  • Heartworm and flea/tick prevention - We carry preventatives to keep your pet from picking up these pesky and dangerous parasites


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