Dental Care

The Pet Health Center at Dakin is excited to provide our patients with high-quality dental care.

During each physical exam, we check your pet's mouth to note any dental issues and make recommendations for a dental care schedule.

At dental cleaning appointments:

  • We perform an extensive exam of your pet's teeth and gums while they are under anesthesia
  • The veterinarian will make note of any issues including receding gums, wear, or fractures to the teeth
  • Your pet will have x-rays to look for disease below the gumline
  • Diseased or broken teeth will be removed
  • All teeth are cleaned and polished
  • Every patient undergoing a dental procedure will have a medication and pain management plan tailored to their needs
  • Your pet's vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and other important functions) are closely monitored while they are under anesthesia