About Us

The Pet Health Center is a non-emergency veterinary resource operated by Dakin Humane Society for pet cats and dogs. This program is an expansion of our existing veterinary services to better support the pets and people in our community and lessen the number of barriers to veterinary medical care.

We cannot help pets in need without also providing accessible resources for the people who care about them. We believe in reaching pets before they are in crisis and treatment becomes too expensive. We provide compassionate veterinary care to pets while giving their people access to payment options that keep families together.

The role of Dakin Humane Society in our community is not solely to provide adoption services but to deliver resources that improve the lives of animals and people. The Pet Health Center is just one of many supportive services that Dakin operates to keep pets and people where they belong - together.

Why we are different

Your pet's wellness makes a difference for shelter animals. As a client of the Pet Health Center, you are supporting Dakin Humane Society's programs and resources that provide shelter, care, and comfort to animals in need along their journey to finding homes.

How we help

We believe all pets deserve access to quality and compassionate care throughout their lives. Grants and the generosity of our supporters allow the Pet Health Center to offer your pet medical care that helps you stay within your budget. Convenient and flexible payment plans and financing options are also available.

Our Focus

The Pet Health Center at Dakin provides access to quality, compassionate veterinary medical care for pet cats and dogs. Our focus is to reach pets before a crisis presents itself, or before treatment becomes too expensive as well as decrease the number of pets surrendered or euthanized when families are faced with unexpected veterinary costs.

The Pet Health Center is a program of Dakin Humane Society. For more information about Dakin's programs and services including animal sheltering, spay/neuter surgery, pet food aid, and more, please click here.